Dr. Niall Marshall

Technical Manager, Everspring Middle East WLL

Dr. Niall Marshall has spent almost twenty-five years making, modifying and processing plastics. He started his professional life working in the Research and Development Group of Sasol Polymers where he worked on the development of poly (propylene-co-1-pentene) polymers, a family of polymers that he continued to work with as they were commercialized. From R&D he moved to Product Development and Process Optimization responsible for additivation of polyolefins while also establishing the thermal analysis and spectroscopy groups. He then joined Sasol Wax where he was the Market Development Manager for the Plastics Industry for Europe, Asia and North America. In this role he worked not only with waxes used as lubricants in the PVC industry but also with FT waxes as non-polar processing aids in polyolefins and engineering polymers.
From making and processing polymers he moved to Bahrain to modify and stabilize plastics, accepting a position with Ciba (later BASF) as Regional Technical Manager for the Plastics Industry in the Middle East and Africa.
In 2010 he joined Everspring Middle East as Technical Director, a role which also includes providing application support globally, and he continues to support the South African market.

Dr. Niall has BSc(Hons) and MSc degrees in Chemistry from the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) and a DPhil from the University of Sussex (United Kingdom) where he studied the “Physical and Morphological Aspects of Polymer Stability”. He has presented technical papers at conferences in USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa and has authored and co-authored a number of scientific papers related to additive behavior, polymer processing and the effect of morphology on polymer properties.

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